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We had our awesome dress rehearsal last night. Our orchestra sounds WAY better than these guys (but, sorry, they just aren't as cute). Join us tonight for From the Met to Broadway!

Watch Otters Playing the Keyboard
Thanks for this, Smithsonian
Stay healthy: make and/or listen to music.

Music as Medicine?
Much research has confirmed that music has psychological and physiological effects. While medical imaging can now show some of the changes in the brains of people listening to Beethoven or Elvis, the ways music works on us remain largely elusive.
Which song is it for you? Most of the time I have "climb the mountains" on repeat...

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A happy, lyriical, Mother's Day to all who have ever had Mothers, who are Mothers, and who, most of all, just really appreciate Mothers.


Some insight into the creative process.

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Even over 2000 years ago, Plato knew the importance of teaching music!
I wonder what this thing would have done with our Carmina Burana?

Music That Burns, Literally
Take Beyonce. Take Sinatra. Take whomever you love and set them on fire. They call it a "Pyro Board," and it plays music by pulsing the beats in flame. When the singer hits a high note — stand back.

Elena Sharkova, Director

Elena Sharkova, Artistic Director


Ms. Sharkova has held faculty positions at Western Michigan University and St. Petersburg State Conservatory and San Jose State University.


Symphony Silicon Valley Chorale


Symphony Silicon Valley Chorale performs masterworks and more contemporary music with the symphony, as well as a wide range of pieces, from jazz to liturgical and everything in between, with smaller instrumental groups and a capella, in San Jose and peninsula locations in the San Francisco Bay area.

Maestra Sharkova, who directs the Symphony Silicon Valley Chorale and the the Cantabile Youth Singers, is an internationally recognized conductor, lecturer and master teacher.

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